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About company

Welcome to the VODAK website.

VODAK has been dealing with classic hand-made wood production since 2006, so it has been 13 years.

Experience with the development, production and processing of wood was gathered on this long journey.

Based on this many years of experience, wood of the highest quality is produced.

About wood

VODAK woods are known primarily for their precise processing and perfect game properties.

Vodak wood has convinced many professional players with its quality and properties.

All woods have been and are being developed and manufactured on the concept of the best possible feeling for the ball. Above all, excellent control is closely connected with an excellent feeling for the ball. During the development, the main goal was also to achieve the greatest possible support for rotation. All woods are therefore very suitable for playing with a plastic ball where they are solving the problem of giving the greatest possible rotation.
VODAK wood brand has found many satisfied customers in all of them in a very short time performance groups as well as many countries not only in Europe.

E.g. Czech and Slovak Extraliga and Men's and Women's League, Czech 1st to 3rd Men's and Women's League, Czech Wheelchair Table Tennis Representation, German and Polish Leagues, competitions in the USA, Czech, German, Austrian, French and Swiss competitions, divisions, region , district, beginning children, disabilities, seniors, etc.
Some woods have been tested or played (or participated in their development) by players: Miroslav Hořejší (former representative, German League / Polish Super League), Tomáš Havlík (extra league), Marek Čihák (extra league), Marek Klásek (former representative, extra league) , Josef Šimončík (former representative, extraliga), Dana Hadačová (representation), Karolína Mynářová (representation), Jiří Suchánek (representation of wheelchair users), etc.
For example, VODAK wood is used by players:

Miroslav Hořejší (M. Hořejší Off EnTEch)

Tomáš Havlík (Havlík RC Off, Prometheus Combi Off / Off-)

Michal Bardon (Rebel Carbon Off, Rebel Off)

Marek Cihak (Taranis Off)

Marek Klasek (Taranis Off)

For balsa and balsa-carbon woods, the weight cannot be guaranteed in full. Weight differences may be greater, but never greater than + 2g above the stated weight.

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