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All VODAK woods are developed and manufactured on the concept of the best possible feeling for the ball.
Excellent control is also closely linked to the excellent feel for the ball.

During the development, the main goal was also to achieve the greatest possible support of rotation in the game with a plastic ball.

Vodak woods are made by hand in individual pieces.

A huge advantage of VODAK wood is the guaranteed weight of the offered wood
with a very low difference from the stated weight.
The weight difference is max. Plus-minus 2 grams.

All woods are suitable for playing with a plastic ball.

Properties of VODAK wood

- craftsmanship at the highest level

- no industrial acceleration processes are used

- on the contrary, special original production technologies are used exclusively
- dynamics and rotation support with a plastic ball
- careful sorting of veneers according to the density of the wood
- beautiful natural design

- preservation of natural elasticity of veneers even when using artificial fibers (AP-Carbon, Diolen, Carbon, Biofiber)

- offer different blade sizes

- weight guarantee, excellent feel and control

Wood can be ordered by e-mail or telephone.

Woods are produced and shipped within 7-10 days of ordering.

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