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VODAK Diolen Control All +

Description of wood

VODAK Diolen Control All + is a 7-layer extremely versatile wood with great control, with two layers of Diolen-aramid (Arylate). The wood is exceptional not only for its design, feel and precision, but also for the completely unusual use of Arylate layers in the construction of All + wood.
This wood is suitable for technical universal players who rely on the absolute certainty of their strokes and precisely, precisely and with certainty throw their topspins, lifts and blocks on the table.
Also, players who patiently wait for an opponent's mistake and punish him with an accurate drive or topspin will be satisfied.
In conjunction with covers with a more pronounced catapult, counterparts and so-called bananas can also be played further from the table.
Thanks to the technology used in the production and the center of Kiri, wood has the property of producing a catapult during piercing blows.
The biggest advantage of Diolen Control All + wood is, above all, the reception and block, the control is literally fantastic and the wood forgives even bigger mistakes.
Like all Diolen woods (Diolen Off, Diolen Spin Off-), Diolen Control All + wood is suitable for playing with grass, anti or sandwich. As it is the slowest of the three mentioned woods, it is therefore also most suitable especially for grasshoppers blocking and attacking with grass at the table.
It is also suitable for classic defenders playing with a combination of soft-grass covers. Both soft and grass go to play dangerous slots further behind the table and it is not a problem to play a soft defensive shot with a bottom or side rotation, when the ball flies in an arc and the opponents find it very difficult to attack again.
The seven-layer construction consists of upper veneers made of Padouk wood + a layer of Diolene placed just below them. The relatively stiff, medium-hard Padouk veneer, together with the Diolene layer, gives the player a fantastic feel when playing.
Thanks to its low weight, the wood is pleasant, easy and fast to handle.
The perfect feeling and thus the absolute best possible control that wood of the All + category can offer is VODAK Diolen Control All + wood.
VODAK Diolen Control All + is clearly the best-selling wood of the VODAK brand
The wood is varnished and is ready for immediate gluing of coatings.

You can read a review of this wood here

  • Wood parameters:

    • Species: WOOD-DIOLENE
    • Category: ALL +
    • Speed: 85 (check 99)
    • Weight: 80g
    • Layers: 5 + 2 Diolene
    • Total blade thickness: 5.1 mm
    • Blade: 157 x 150
    • Handle: straight, concave, anatomical
No tax
Kind of wood:
odeslání cca 10-14 dnů dle aktuálního vytížení výroby

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