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VODAK Prometheus Combi Off- / All +

Description of wood

VODAK Prometheus Combi Off- / All + is a 7-ply wood with different veneer compositions on each side of the blade. Carbon is stored on one side and red bio fiber on the other. The differences are in speed, hardness and thus especially in the arc of the ball's flight curve. The main advantage of this wood is the incredible versatility and control in all strokes. High rotation support allows easy topspin play in a spin with high rotation.
Prometheus Combi Off- / All + wood will suit players who demand the opportunity to play more aggressively on the one hand and play technically or just chop on the other
and block. This wood is also very suitable for players with material or players with worse Fh or Bh and is trying to improve it, while not wanting to give up the emphasis of the second stroke (usually Fh)

The grass also sits very well on the slower side, with which all strokes can be played, including a simple attack.

The wood has a huge control and feel at a sufficient offensive pace.
Ingredients: limba - carbon - limba - middle ayous - limba - biofiber - limba

Faster Off- (carbon) side
Ingredients: limba - carbon - limba - middle ayous
Hardness: harder-medium with elastic rebound
Arch: Medium
Speed: 89
Control: 97
This faster side allows you to play any offensive strikes. Technical topspin with large rotation or precise drive and block.
Thanks to the lower arc, the block is played simply, safely and accurately.

Slower side All + (red bio fiber)
Ingredients: limba - biofiber - limba - ayous center
Hardness: medium soft
Arch: High
Speed: 84
Control: 99
This slower side is suitable for a spin game. Winding technical topspin or lift to a pin or pin is very easy to play. As well as a strong stud and a precise block.
Players with grass or anti will also be satisfied. Here again is the possibility of great versatility.
You can play blocks, čopbloky, hill attack (travotopspin) or so-called "slap" or classic defense away from the table.
When playing grass OX is to feel the wood in proportion to its speed dampen the incoming speed of the ball. The reception of soft and material submissions is excellent.

All-wood version on the faster side of the blade:
This version is intended for players who are used to the feeling of wood. He doesn't have as much emphasis on attack as he does on carbon. It has slightly more control and a softer feel than the carbon version. You can play any attack strikes, topspins, drives and block.
Ingredients: limba - limba - koto- center ayous - limba - biofiber - limba
Speed: 87
Control: 98
The wood is varnished and is ready for immediate gluing of coatings.

  • Wood parameters:

    • Type: COMBI
    • Category: OFF- / COMBI / ALL +
    • Speed: Fh carbon 89 / Bh biofiber 84 (control Fh 97 / Bh 99)
    • Weight: 87g
    • Layers: 7
    • Total blade thickness: 5.6 mm
    • Blade: 157x150
    • Handle: straight, concave, anatomical
No tax
Kind of wood:
odeslání cca 10-14 dnů dle aktuálního vytížení výroby

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