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VODAK Centaur OFF-

Description of wood

VODAK Kentaur OFF- is a sensitive 7-layer very versatile wood. Depending on the covers used, it can literally "change" its properties. Centaur is designed for both universal players and purely topspin forwards or for defenders who prefer a modern defense game with grass, anti or sandwich.

When using softer covers, the wood seems to slow down its basic pace and give the player excellent control, at sufficient speed in attack strokes. You can play short stop blocks as well as very rotated punches and services. With faster softer covers, topspin play is downright simple and accurate. Blocks or jammed punches are played easily and simply with grass or anti. Wood allows you to play the classic defense further from the table.
Hard placed topspins or drives play well with hard and medium hard covers, even above the table. The centaur supports the rotation of the new generation of upholstery as much as possible.
The middle and top veneers from Mahogany give VODAK Kentaur wood not only amazing game features, but also a very attractive design.
Composition: mahogany-ayous-ayous-center mahogany-ayous-ayous-mahogany
The wood is varnished and is ready for immediate gluing of coatings.

You can read a review of this wood here

  • Wood parameters:

    • Species: WHOLE WOOD
    • Category: OFF-
    • Speed: 87 (check 97)
    • Weight: 85g
    • Layers: 7
    • Total blade thickness: 6.1 mm
    • Blade: 157 x 150 mm
    • Handle: straight, concave, anatomical
No tax
Kind of wood:
odeslání cca 10-14 dnů dle aktuálního vytížení výroby

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