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VODAK Diolen Balsa OFF

Description of wood

VODAK Diolen Balsa is a 7-layer offensive wood with layers of diolene-aramid (Arylate), which has the properties of softened carbon. Diolene is placed under the top veneer
made of American walnut, together they give the wood great elasticity, which is completely unusual when using other materials in offensive woods. Between the Diolene layer and the balsa center, a very hard veneer is placed, which is further hardened by a special original technology. This veneer, together with the balsa center (harder balsa is used here than is usual), gives the wood an honest pace during offensive strokes, all enhanced by excellent feel and control thanks to balsa.
The Diolene layer significantly increases the active playing area of the blade.
For technical and passive strokes, the great elasticity provided by American walnut veneer in combination with Diolene can be used perfectly. For vigorous topspins or drives, hard veneer supported by a balsa catapult is more involved - the result is an offensive game with the possibility of certain blocks, technical lifts, topspins and counter-spins, all with great rotation and in service.
VODAK Diolen Balsa wood is designed to support the rotation and pace of new generation upholstery, all in super control. For topspin-oriented players, Diolen Balsa OFF wood is a clear choice.
Ingredients: American walnut-diolene-koto-balsa-koto-diolen-American walnut
The wood is varnished and is ready for immediate gluing of coatings.

  • Wood parameters:

    • Species: BALSA-DIOLENE
    • Category: OFF
    • Speed: 94 (control 96)
    • Weight: 83g
    • Layers: 5 + 2 diolene
    • Total blade thickness: 6.5 mm
    • Blade: 157 x 150 mm
    • Handle: straight, concave, anatomical
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Kind of wood:
odeslání cca 10-14 dnů dle aktuálního vytížení výroby

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