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VODAK Miroslav Hořejší Off EnTech

Description of wood

M. Hořejší wood is offered in two weight versions:
1. original version 84-87grams
2. lighter Light version 80-83grams (description of the features of this lighter version is given below)

Description of the original version of 84-87 grams:
M. Hořejší Off is a 5-layer hard offensive wood developed in cooperation with Miroslav Hořejší, a former representative of the Czech Republic, according to his demanding requirements for wood properties.
This exceptional all-wood is the final product of annual development.
Special EnTech technology (Energy Technology) is used in the production,
which gives the wood absolutely special properties.
During attack strokes, the player feels as if the wood contains a very thin carbon layer (emphasis, speed and rigidity is increased) and during technical strokes it is elastic. It supports the ball on the racket very well and, above all, it handles the rotation from the opponent very well.
Minimization of vibration in the material used ensures an even bounce with perfect control, excellent medium flight curve at a higher wood speed.
M. Hořejší Off is a universally offensive wood, developed especially for playing with plastic balls, which you can also have.
(allows you to play super rotations in service, technical and power power topspins, drives and above all an excellent half counter, which can easily get opponents into a very unfavorable situation)
VODAK woods are known for their excellent feel and above-standard control of offensive woods, and this new wood is no exception.
Ingredients: limba - ayous - ayous - ayous - limba
We also offer M. Hořejší wood with AL-Carbon layers and EnTech gluing technology.
M. Hořejší AL-Carbon wood is faster, harder, slightly stiffer with a slightly lower arc than the standard M. Hořejší wood.

Description Light version 80-83 grams:
This version has exactly the same composition and used EnTech gluing technology as the original version. The difference is in the lighter, hence the slightly softer center of Ayous wood. The lighter version of M. Hořejší is slightly softer compared to the original, slightly slower with slightly better control and longer holding the ball on the bat.
It is suitable for more technical players or even for players with material.
Speed: 88 (control 98)

Miroslav Hořejší
is the current overall winner of the Challenger series and TTStar series in 2017!
2x Czech Team Championship
2x Champion of Slovakia teams

During his career, he gained a lot of experience abroad.
He spent the last 4 years in the Polish Super League, one of the toughest leagues in Europe, in a team with table tennis legends Jorgen Person and Lucjan Blaszczyk.
It uses the above-mentioned wood with a 162 x 158 mm blade, anatomist holding, weight 90 g, Tibhar MX-P covers. 2.0 mm and 2.2 mm

His personal statement on wood:
"I'm known for not being satisfied with mediocrity, so I'm perfecting things.
The result is this fantastic wood that will bring you the joy of the game.
It's wood that I can finally rely on, it gives me peace and confidence in the game.
A lot of people ask me what is behind my performance progress over the last few months - now you know the answer "Miroslav Hořejší

You can read a review of this wood here

  • Wood parameters:

    • Species: WHOLE WOOD
    • Category: OFF
    • Speed: 90 (control 97)
    • Weight: 85g
    • Layers: 5
    • Total blade thickness: 6.1 mm
    • Blade: 157 x 150
    • Handle: straight, concave, anatomical
No tax
Kind of wood:
odeslání cca 10-14 dnů dle aktuálního vytížení výroby

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