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VODAK Hinoki Jiří Vráblík Off EnTech

Hinoki J. Vráblík

is a new original wood developed in cooperation with the Czech Republic 2021 champion.

The wood is 5-ply with American Hinoki top veneers and is suitable for versatile offensive play full of topspin, counterspin and surprising transitions from technical play to aggressive play.

Jirka Vráblík new wood will also support accurate block and short reception.

This new wood is glued with two technologies. The center is glued with EnTech technology. This technology gives the wood stability, strength and accuracy in aggressive strokes.

The Hinoki top veneers are glued with technology with a focus on maximizing rotation and feel.

These bonding technologies keep the ball on the bat longer, so you can play big rotations with great hitting power

even with plastic or ABS balls.

Another great hi-tech feature of this wood is the thin glass fibre reinforcement at the narrowest point of the blade where the grip starts. At this point the wood has 9 layers. The glass fiber at this point reinforces the wood and makes the wood stiffer.

and more precise, but without affecting the blade's properties.

Composition. Hinoki - Ayous - Ayous - Ayous - Am. Hinoki

The wood is varnished and is ready for immediate application of covers.


Here is a video with commentary by Jiri Vráblik:

Jiří Vráblík has a blade size of 155 x 152 mm on his new wood.

FH Xiom Omega VII China Ying / BH Tibhar Evolution MX-P

  • Wood parameters:

    • Species: WHOLE WOOD
    • Category: OFF
    • Speed: 92 (control 97)
    • Weight: 86g
    • Layers: 5
    • Total blade thickness: 6.5 mm
    • Blade: 157 x 150
    • Handle: straight, concave, anatomical
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Kind of wood:
odeslání cca 10-14 dnů dle aktuálního vytížení výroby

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