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VODAK Taranis Balsa OFF

Description of wood

VODAK Taranis Balsa OFF is an offensive balsa-carbon wood with two layers of carbon. This wood is absolutely unique in that the player does not feel like pure balsa-carbon wood during the game. Feeling like wood, it resembles something like between balsa-carbon and wood-carbon, but with balsa properties. With VODAK Taranis Balsa, the advantages of balsa are fully preserved. Incredible feel in all strokes and a pleasant catapult in attack strokes - all thanks to the unusually very hard balm used for the wood core. The carbon layer deposited under the Ayous top veneer enhances the sweet spot and gives the wood emphasis and stability.
Taranis Balsa wood is intended for both technical topspiners and aggressive topspiners or fast block attackers. The pace of the wood also allows for comfortable counter play away from the table.
A balanced combination of exceptional feel, catapult and control - all this is the main advantage of VODAK Taranis Balsa OFF attack wood.
The wood is varnished and is ready for immediate gluing of coatings.

  • Wood parameters:

    • Species: BALSA-CARBON
    • Category: OFF
    • Speed: 92 (control 97)
    • Weight: 81g
    • Layers: 3 + 2 carbon
    • Total blade thickness: 6.4 mm
    • Blade: 157 x 150 mm
    • Handle: straight, concave, anatomical
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Kind of wood:
odeslání cca 10-14 dnů dle aktuálního vytížení výroby

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